Schedule For 2022

MC's Jamie Lailey & Goodge

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Wednesday 2nd March - Legends Of Rock All Stars.

7-8pm Radio Caroline DJ Barry James
8-9.15pm Black Country Community
9.30-10.45pm Legends All Stars
11-12.30am Legends All Stars
12.30-1am Radio Caroline DJ Barry James


Thursday 3rd March - Glam Rock Night Hosted By Jamie Lailey & Goodge.

2-3pm Radio Caroline DJ Barry James
3-4pm City Of Thieves
4.20-5.20pm Who's Next
5.40-6.40pm Davy K Project
7-8pm Aladdinsane
8.20-9.30pm Boot-Led-Zeppelin
9.50-11.10pm Telegram Sam
11.30-1am Shot Through The Heart


Friday 4th March - Normal Night Hosted By Jamie Lailey & Goodge.

12.30-1.45pm Radio Caroline DJ Barry James
1.45-2.45pm The Mentulls
3.05-4.05pm Money For Nothing
4.25-5.25pm Dep Leppard
5.45-6.45pm Forever Moore
7.05-8.10pm Rainbow In Rock
8.30-9.35pm Sex Pistols Exposé
9.55-11.05pm Hi-On Maiden
11.30-1.15am The Floyd Effect

2.30-3.30pm Memento
3.50-4.50pm Voodoo Room
5.10-6.15pm Ian Dury & The Blackheads
6.35-7.40pm The John Lennon Mantra
8-9.10pm Blind River
9.30-10.35pm Daylight Robbery
10.55-12am Stone Free
1.15-3.30am Davy K Project's Jam

Saturday 5th March - Fancy Dress ....Anything Goes. Hosted By Jamie Lailey & Goodge.

12-12.30pm Radio Caroline DJ Barry James
12.30-1.30pm Straighten Out
1.50-2.55pm The Whitesnake Experience 
3.15-4.15pm Foo Forgers
4.35-5.40pm Fleetwood Bac
6-7.05pm Rammlied
7.25-8.30pm Sack Sabbath
8.50-10pm Collateral
10.20-11.30pm Legends Of AOR
11.50-1.15am Live Wire

1-2.10pm Trident Waters
2.30-3.30pm Mr Spankey & The Hipthrusters
3.50-4.50pm Kaviani
5.10-6.15pm Green Haze
6.35-7.40pm John Verity Band
8-9.10pm Buster James
9.30-10.35pm Thin Lizzy Experience
10.55-12.15am Metal Fatigue
1.15-3.30am Gus's Late Night Jam

Sunday 6th March - Shite Shirt & Tutu Night Hosted By Jamie Lailey & Goodge.

12-1pm Radio Caroline DJ Barry James
1-2.05pm Rock Bottom
2.25-3.30pm Alter Eagles
4-5.45pm Book Of Genesis
6.05-7.10pm Ben Poole
7.30-8.40pm The Doors Alive
9-10.10pm The ELO Encounter
10.30-11.40pm Bon Giovi
12-1.15am The Bohemians


12,30-1.30pm Too Petty
1.50-2.50pm Matt Long & The Revenant Ones
3.10-4.10pm Sacrilege
4.30-5.30pm Motorkill
5.50-6.50pm Cydonia Knights
7.10-8.10pm Matt Pearce & The Mutiny
8.30-9.30pm Vambo
9.50-10.50pm Catfish
1.15-3.30am Jimi Anderson & Friends Bid Legends 2022 Farewell Until Next Year !!